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acer xv tour blade irons

Acer XV Tour Blade

The Acer XV Tour Blade is geared for golfers who are seeking maximum shot control or the ability to work the ball, while constructed from 304 stainless steel rivaling that nice soft, solid feel of a forged iron. These can be mixed and matched seamlessly with the Acer XV Pro to make the perfect blended set for the skilled player who may still need some help in the longer irons.

acer xv professional iron

Acer XV Professional

The XV Pro features the same cutting edge design as the standard, but with a more compact design and reduced offset favored by better players. The XV Pro model also has a slightly narrower sole and thinner topline.  KBS Tour 90 Steel shafts.

acer xv standard irons

Acer XV

The standard XV is designed to fit the broadest range of golfers and instill confidence into their game. Features ample offset to help the player square up the face at impact and the enhanced heel-toe weighting enables players to hit both straighter and more solid shots.
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acer high trajectory irons

Acer XV High Trajectory

The HT (High Trajectory) has nearly a 30% wider sole and shallower face than our standard Acer XV model to get up in the air quickly from virtually any lie with maximum forgiveness. HT version is favored by beginners, slower swingers and golfers who tend to sweep the ball off of the ground.
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