Juggernaut 515cc

Juggernaut 515cc Driver

Powerplay Juggernaut 515cc Driver
Power Play Juggernaut Driver Featured In Golf Digest Stix Ezine!
Golf Digest Stix Ezine, recently featured the Power Play Juggernaut Driver.  Golf Digest Equipment Editor:  "The Juggernaut is strictly for those four out of five people who really don't care about the rules. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the no. 1 selling driver this year." 

• 12% Larger in volume! For more accurate drives
• Beta Titanium Face Adds to illegally long distance!
• Does not conform to the Rules of Golf

What's all the buzz about the Power Play Juggernaut Driver? First, the Juggernaut has a 515 cc volume, thus allowing it to be a more forgiving head on off-center shots.  Secondly, you’ll be able to generate more distance from the tee as the COR effect of the ball coming off of the explosive beta titanium face exceeds the USGA maximum limits too. This is an "illegal" driver banned by the USGA due to superior distance.  You can't use it in a tournament, but you can use it to out-drive your friends!

Juggernaut Fairway Woods, Hybrids & Wedges

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