Odyssey RSX001

Odyssey RSX 001Milled Putter

odyssey rsx 001 milled putter
The Milled Collection RSX 001 Putter is a modified rounded heel-toe weighted blade, with symmetrical rear bumpers, a crank-neck hosel, and a full-shaft offset.

Precision Milled Feedback and feel

At Odyssey, we’re obsessed with a never-ending pursuit to innovate in insert technology, and our latest path has led us to a deeper exploration of sound and feel. That’s how we’ve come to the Milled Collection RSX, and as the name suggests this line is milled from 1025 carbon steel.  The 001 is a new take on our classic #1 shape.
Phil Mickelson has always told us that when he hits a 5-foot putt, he wants it to look, feel and SOUND like a 5-foot putt. By engineering our sound chamber technology into these putters, we’ve delivered a crisp sound at impact, which ensures great feedback that matches up perfectly with the speed and roll off the face. Coupling this with our patented Metal-X roll technology, the Roll and Sound eXperiment has come to life.

Sound Chamber Technology
The precision milled sound chamber pocket is set behind our 17-4 stainless steel striking surface for great feedback and feel.
odyssey rsx 001 milled putter
odyssey rsx 001 milled putter
Metal-X Insert w/ Stabilizing Crossbar
The 17-4 stainless steel insert has been chemically etched with our patented oval pattern to provide a better roll off the face. The Stabilizing Crossbar helps stabilize sound and feel across the face as well.

Black Powder Coat Shaft
Reduces glare and provides a unique, contemporary look.
Genuine Cabretta Leather Grip
A black genuine Cabretta leather Master grip with a red baseball stitch down the back delivers a premium look with amazing feel.

RH 35". Was $399.99 $298.00
odyssey cabretta leather master grip
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