Powerbilt Citation

Powerbilt Citation Tour with Ozik TP7HDe

The Powerbilt Citation Tour Driver combines a classic appearance with a design capable of hitting a greater percentage of fairways and generating more distance. It all starts with the corrugated sole design creating the Recoil Zone; an area which allows the face to flex additionally and create higher ball speeds over a larger portion of the face. The 460cc design utilizing a lightweight crown and shifts all discretionary weight both low/rearward for an extremely forgiving driver with ideal launch conditions from the tee.
powerbilt citation
Matrix OZIK TPHDe is the full extension of the Hexadecagonal geometry for enhanced feel. Advanced Zylon and Boron Interply Technology. The center of gravity has been revised to allow for longer builds and use of heavier heads.
ozik tp7hde graphite golf shaft


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