Teen Golf Clubs

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Golf is an affordable and fun way of keeping kids active in a sport that can last a lifetime. Most children like to see just how hard and far they can hit the ball whether they are 8 or 18 years old.
Most junior golf clubs are rated for certain age levels. This is only a rough guide as it is the length of the clubs that is important. Most manufacturers of golf clubs include a chart giving the height that clubs are built for. A junior golf club designed for ages 9-11 may be suitable for a tall 7 year old and a 6-8 age range club may be better for a small 9 year old.
If your child is an inch away from the height limit for their age group, it might be wise to move up to the next age group as kids grow so fast. This saves you money as the child grows into the clubs and kids can “choke down” on the grip until it matches their height. Be careful that the clubs are not more than ½ inch too long when gripped as this may cause problems with the club swing.
When to start
When your child can stand on their own two feet and swing a golf club, they are good to go! Fun should be the priority without pressure to be the next Rory McIlroy. Provide only minimal instruction or it will no longer be fun. And be sure to choose the proper equipment.
Can I cut down adult clubs to fit my child?
Yes, but it’s not ideal. Seve Ballesteros may have used a cut-down three-iron to hit golf balls on a beach aged 7 before going on to win 91 professional tournaments worldwide, but there are a range of junior golf clubs for boys and girls that are better than cut-down clubs that have too large grips, are too stiff and too heavy in junior hands. A smaller player swinging a cut down adult club loses the swing behind the ball, making it difficult to hit the ball accurately or far. Using a club specifically designed for the junior golfer makes the game more enjoyable, maintains their interest and makes transition to adult clubs easy.
Golf clubs for the teenage golfer are hard to find. Teen's are often too big or too advanced for traditional junior golf clubs, yet not ready for adult golf clubs. Adult golf clubs are too heavy, too stiff, too long for most teen's. We custom build for your teenage golfer: loft, flex, length, shaft weight.
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