Thriver Mini GX7

Ditch the driver,
get a Thriver!

Have you seen the ad on TV for the GX-7 X-Metal club? Here is the original. We use the UST Mamiya dRVR shaft for a better club. The folks selling the GX-7 X-Metal club would like you to think they have a new idea. Actually, we've been using the club for the last several years. Its a great idea and a great club (the GX-7 people didn't come up with it). PLUS with us you have the option for many more shafts. This club will absolutely suit your need. We'll make sure you have the right shaft. Starting at only $158.00 (not the $199.99 the GX-7 people are charging). Give us a call today.

Acer XV Thriver Mini Golf Club

acer xv thriver mini, gx7 x metal
The Acer XV Thriver Mini is a special shallow faced control club off a short tee as well as a club to use in the fairway when you need the maximum distance to reach a par 5 or long par 4. This all-titanium clubhead has a very large footprint at address making this much more forgiving than a typical #3 wood. If it were the height of a modern driver, then the volume would comparable to a 380 cc driver telling you just how forgiving it is. Plus being all-titanium, there are two performance advantages. As titanium is very light, a very high concentration of weight was placed on the sole for more height than the loft would indicate. Finally, we chose titanium for the thin, active face to give you more distance.
PLUS: We build with either the UST Mamiya dRVR or UST Mamiya MP5 performance graphite shafts.  Better head, better shaft, better club!
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