Volvik Vibe Golf Balls

volvik vibe beats chromesoft
That ball is the Volvik VIBE, a 2016 Gold Hot List Award Winner.   In a recent independent Iron Byron test conducted by Golf Labs San Diego the VIBE won the following categories against the 2016 Callaway Chrome Soft:
#1 in Driver Carry Distance - Beat the Chrome Soft by exactly 5 yards on best 5 hit average
#1 in 8-Iron Distance - Beat the Chrome Soft in both Carry Distance and Total Distance with an 8-Iron
#1 in Low Driver Spin - Beat the Chrome Soft in low driver spin by 343 RPMs (2897 RPM VIBE VS 3239 RPM Chrome Soft)
#1 in Low Dispersion Average with a Driver Independent test was conducted by GolfLabs San Diego June 28, 2016 with a 90 MPH Swing Speed with a 10.5 degree Driver with a stiff shaft and an Iron with a stiff shaft.
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